Sunday, May 18, 2008

Post Marriage

Salam and peace to all. It's almost a year since I last wrote in here. I have no idea why the wait. I have been busy but no one in their right frame of mind is that busy. Basically without making excuses I have been forgetful. Am running around like a headless chicken most of the time. Do I concentrate on family (parents, siblings and such), do I concentrate on my NEW family (Moses and me), friends, work? What should take priority?? Anyways I find the time that I am closer to my Lord the better my connections with whose around me. Say that I have managed to pray Fajr really well (by this I mean with concentration and on time and in the right state of mind) the rest of my day and/or week goes right.

Alhamdullilah I am blessed in so many different ways be it my forgiving friends and family, my flexible work or my lovely husband (not mentioning the tiny details like fully functioning faculties and healthy body!!).

Marriage has been interesting to say the least. There is so much I would like to write here tonight but I must sleep. Just finished a 14hour shift and it's 1am. The cursed net is pulling me in. I spent the last 20minutes figuring my password out. The functioning faculties didn't work for me this time!!!

Peace till tomorrow (loosely translated to 2009) :D

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Married Life

Its been five days since the deed was done. My dad shook hios hand. It realy did look like they were getting married rather than my Dad giving me away (sob). Its wonderful and I would recoment people get on with it. All that I worry about is nothing now. Keep the duas coming please. I will write properly soon and post pics IA Ameen. In mean time make lots of dua for us please.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

T minus 5...4...3...2...1

Its happening now. Things are scay but exciting. Make dua for me and Moses people.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Life as it is continued...

Salam people. My life has really been a scary, terrifying, unforgettable and all sorts of things lately. I am sorry for making people worry and stress on my behalf. `I am just been dramatic as is my nature and these are thee ways I deal with it i.e ranting on my blog. I am happy and plans are going wrong as they tend to do because lets be honest we plan and Allah (SWT) plans and His plans are always the best for us even if we don't see it there and then. I am grateful to have such loving and support family and friends. Allah protect and guide them right in this world and the next.

Work has continued to amuse and irritate me. Am really thinking if this line of work is for me. The paper work increases on daily basis and we are always short staffed and get no real support from those in a position of power. It sucks as am sure it does in so many jobs and industries but nursing seems to be at its lowest at the moment. I just feel sorry for the people we nurse as they never get 100% from us as we have to divide our 100% between our ten patients!! They are lucky if they get 10% of my energy and effort on an average day at work. I hate it!!!!!

Am such a drama queen. Only realise this when I read my past blog posts. Such a whiner!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Life as it is...

Life sucks at the moment. Who knew it would take so much planning and effort. My family is helping so much right now and I still feeling like crap at the moment. Musa is trying to help in his way but with him living some place different is so hard. How do people do this? How do they get through all this hoops??? Why do people feel the need to go through this? There is blessing and mercy placed between the two people but getting to the point of appreciating that is hard and sooo far away!!!
What am I suppose to do to make this easier? Am making dua and praying Alhamdullillah. My Iman seems to be at a really weak point at the moment. HATE WORK!! Hate everything that’s got anything top do with it. Might become part of the unemployed posse…
How is it possible to be exited one minute, tearful the next and terrified the one after. Am just going through a ghastly roller coaster ride at the moment. Advice is been dispensed faster than paracetamol at the hospital.
Enough moaning now. ENOUGH.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Organisation is not my strong point. I would rather let things just creep up on me and then pretend not to have know I was suppose to do something about it!!!! OK maybe am not that bad but I do procrastinate a lot. I need to stop and get my act together. Please make dua for me and Moses. Those of my friends that are helping me may Allah reward you because I don't think I could ever repay you for what you are doing for me. As for the ones that are not yet helping get to it people I still have lots of tasks that need completing.

InshaAllah Khair as Native says.

Friday, June 22, 2007

21st June

I turned 26 yesterday. I swear it only felt like I had turned 25 the day before! I thought I would write about the day itself so that I will always remember what happened on Thursday 21st June 2007.

Well it actually started the day before, on the Wednesday. It was a wonderfully chilled day. Met a few friends around the lunchtime mark, went shopping for food and ended up buying lots of cakes instead! Got to my flat and they sat and entertained me while I made them tea and pancakes. Once the food was eaten we headed to town to meet up with another scout leader. That day we had so many leaders it was quite funny cause the kids were acting like we were torturing them. It was only an afternoon in the park with activities like skipping 50 meters and the 100 meter dash and so on. They are such grouches sometimes.
Anyways we ended up at the flat again after 9pm and we were joined by more girlies and we had more food (all bad for us like pizza, garlic bread and lots of different cakes)!

So, back to yesterday. Yesterday was the day that I stayed at my mums and did nil, zilch, nada!!! I had a nice and chilled out day. Spent most of it discussing wedding plans with my brothers, MD and Aisha. It was lovely to sit and go through things with them. They are so cool and grown up (sometimes my mind is just stuck on the time they were annoying kids).

I have to say the best bit about turning 26 has been that I feel all grown up on account of now been closer to 30 than 20.

Other highlights include the home made cake, the bouquet of flowers, the lunch that flower lady and I had, just the whole seeing everyone was a highlight of the last couple days.

So that is how my 26th went. Nothing particularly special, nothing amazing but none the less a pretty cool day altogether.