Saturday, October 28, 2006

Family, Ramadan and Eid

Be grateful to him who points out your defect, a great sahabi once advised the people.

It is a sign of love and respect when someone comes to you to sincerely advice you about what they perceive to be you weakness or defect. This last two weeks some of my family have come to me on different occations and talked to me to give me sincere advice about something that was either bothering them about my behaviour or just that I had upset them without knowing and they came to tell me about it. On all the occasions this happened in this short space of time I am so grateful to them I don’t know how to express it. I believe in openness when it comes to family and friends. I need people to tell me if am doing something wrong or if I have upset them or they think I have upset someone else. Please people let me know. In the spirit of Ramadan just gone and in the spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood tell me weaknesses so I might improve and change as a person. I love my sisters and brothers for their courage and consideration for my well being. I didn’t realise how some things can seem to
others. I will be better and more transparent in the future InshaAllah.

Eid Mubarak to one and all…

I pray that it was wonderful and full of great things
for you your family and friends.
This Eid was just amazing to me and I can’t believe it all done. People just come together on Eid. It’s like we are drawn to others.
The family, friends and even strangers greetings always have me chocking my tears back. Partly to do with the fact that it’s Eid and everyone is together but also because another Ramadan has gone never to be experienced in this way again.

We will all be different next time (InshaAllah we will be all together again next Ramadan).
I am always thinking that if only that it could be Ramadan every day but then I might not think it so special and breathtaking and weep for it when its not here anymore . I pray that Allah has accepted our duas, prayers, qiyams and most of all our sawm. Ameen. Only the best past the test so here's to us all been the best in our Deen and may we always reamain friends who guide each other to the right road and protect each other from haram. Ameen.

Eid...Eid...Eid...Eid...Eid has come and was enjoyed by all Alhamdulillah.
On Eid morning the family woke between 6 am and 8 am and after a lot of shouting and noise (mainly from my Dad) we managed to go to Didsbury mosque and it was weird case we had to pray in two separate prayers. I drove and since there was one car I had to make two trips. It was wonderful but it meant my parents and little brother made it for one prayer and me and MD, AD, the Little Man made it for the a different time to them and they even left the mosque before we finished.
It always amazes me, the beauty of the people in their Eid clothes. You see so many different traditional dress in just one mosque.

The kids are absolutely wonderful; they are so excitable about everything. They get high about Eid clothes, parties and visiting people. When did I grow out of this you ask? Well…didn’t quite grow out of it. I adore the buying and wearing of Eid clothes, attending or throwing Eid parties and visiting people. Didn’t actually manage to see that many people this year but the ones I saw were great.

On our return home from the mosque my family separated for Eid breakfast. The boys go to go and eat at my grans house and the girls and Dad stayed and ate at home. My mum normally makes pancakes for breakfast but this year we had sukhaar and bread. She did make the pancake but only a small amount to be had after the sukhaar. It was truly great. Normally I would be working in the afternoon or the night but not this year.

We sat about and headed to town after awhile to see the eagerly await movie Open Season! Yep, another cartoon for Eid!!! I can’t lie and say it wasn’t fun though because it was enjoyable. We managed to visit the MYF. Some poor guy was working on Eid day. Poor dude.
We caught our movie and split again. This time MD took my two cousins and AD to Nemo’s place for a little more celebrations. I and The Revert went to do some shopping for our Eid party for the kiddies the next day. We managed to buy presents for past the parcel and lots of wonderful balloons to decorate my flat.

We stayed at Nemo’s place till late and managed to play lots of games that ended up giving me a headache – Nemo’s Dad even told us off for the noise levels.
As has been my habit for the ;last two weeks almost I slept at mums and had plans to get up early and decorate flat for the party…well best laid plans and all that.
The cousins came over as stated two pm and the flat wasn’t ready and me and MD put them all in my room and stuck on DVD while MD made the food and I did the decorating. It turned out great and the kids and the rest of us all had fun.

It was a brilliant two days of festivities with friends and family and I can’t wait for next Eid…

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ramadan Nasheed (Song really)

Ramadan is nearly done and I adored this song (even if it has musical instruments). I love all the different languages they sing in. I loved the family theme that runs through the video.

Bring on Eid...

Mountains of Mecca

This a nasheed by Zain Bhikha.

A dedication from me to my sisters going to Hajj this year InshaAllah. I pray that Allah guides and makes it beneficial to you and to us all on your return InshaAllah...

May Allah keep you all safe and may you all return to us in the best of Iman and health.


Monday, October 16, 2006

From the errors of others, a wise woman corrects her own (1st Century B.C)

I have so much that I need to write but I can't. I might hurt some peoples feelings so I am going for the quite and demure look and keeping things to myself again. As a friend said to me 'don't judge others by your standard' so I am leaving judgement to Allah (SWA) alone.

I love this video - it always cheers me up

'oh the power to be strong and the wisdom to be wise...on this journey that you are making...its you who will climb the mountain , it's you who will reach the peak...let your spirit set you free'

Till next time InshaAllah

Always keep me in your Duas my friends

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I can't take it anymore.

I am literally having to stop myself pulling my hair out at the antics of certain people in my life.

Why is it so hard to be considerate towards me? I am I so bad a person that I don’t deserve it?

Have I upset you so much so that you can’t take the time to tell me or forgive (it is Ramadan after all) and just be helpful to me? Why is it that I am chasing people all the time?

Why can’t someone just notice I am here and I am busy and I am human and I forget and I am DOING NIGHTS!!!!!!


I am considerate of your feelings, I try so hard to maintain our friendship and keep us close but it’s hard when you do crap like this and in Ramadan. I am going to bed now and will hopefully wake to a better day than I went to sleep in.


Allah grant me patience and a gentle tongue…

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Well it has been awhile again...

Lots have happened including the pre Ramadan party, the Stop the War in Manchester and lots of other little things but just not had time to sit and blog about. Doesn’t really matter though because people have blogged about it i.e. check out Nemo and White African’s blogs.

Guess what I found? For those that have missed the White African’s speech i.e. all of us who were stewarding at the march. Enjoy people. The girl made me proud.

The most noticeable thing is that, of course, it’s Ramadan and has been for the last 15 days. I have been working nights through Ramadan and feel like I am cheating. I feel like I am not gaining anything and it’s scaring me. What if I don’t improve and better myself this Ramadan then I am a loser. I pray that Allah helps me to get pass this stage because I am really feeling low at the moment.

I have just come from the Radio station and it’s been great to spend the evening with White African, the Banker, MD, the Revert and Nemo. It’s been great to go back to the Radio and I didn’t realize how much I missed it till I went back. Hope Allah helps me get more out of my time and through this I might be able to the kiddies show maybe once/twice a week for the remaining time of Ramadan.

I do have something to be happy about though. I am seeing some really good friends tomorrow who I have not seen for a while. This is what Ramadan is about for me – making the ties of family and friendship stronger. With this in mind my plan is to contact everyone who I have neglected for the last few days/weeks/months/? years and catch up with them and hopefully re-establish the thing that made us close in the first place.

Can’t wait for these nights to be over so I can get back to a sort of ‘normal’ life.

There is Hope after all...

Can’t believe we are half way through Ramadan – make dua for me that this Ramadan does help our Iman and we live to see the next blessed Ramadan InshaAllah.