Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bullied At Work!

Well I thought that this would never happen to me. But it has. All in jest of course!

I was sat down and just getting on with my work when the ward Nurse called Ms E said ‘how long is your hair?’ All innocent like!!!! So me been nice and all I said ‘I’ll show you’ and I went under the desk to get my camera which has a picture of me with my hair out. Unbeknown to me the satanic Mrs. S took my chair and poor me fell on the floor!
Guess what happened next? Instead of the nurse in charge telling the devilish one off she bursts out laughing! Talk about supporting the poor junior nurses! Shameful!

I was upset (sob sob) and received an apology in the end off Mrs. S, but just as I was getting to the point of forgiving her in my heart guess what happened?

I was just doing my drug round (giving my patients much needed pain relief) when one of my patients says to me ‘you have a piece of paper stuck to your scarf love’. Here was me thinking he meant the tag on the scarf and am just about to explain to him when low and behold I see a hand written note stuck to me and it reads ‘HELP ME!’

HA BLOODY HA! So basically I am considering suing the NHS for inflicting emotional pain that will probably never leave me (sob sob). I am pretty sure the NHS can afford to give me a settlement worth at least 10 million pounds!!!!

Anyway better actually do what I am meant to be doing – WORKING!

Peace people

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Salam people, I am finaly on the blogger net (again!). This time I might actualy sustain it. The thing that made me start blogging again is basically I want to be able to leave messages for my friends who all have excellent blogs (I think of you as a friend MD so don't stress!).
Anyways just came back from a fantastic holiday in Turkey with nearly all my mates and I felt great throught the whole experience. The problem is the fact that Iam back home and so low cause the sisters are not here all the time like they were during the hols. Anyway that was before we all started living in eachothers pockets again (I love it when we do this by the way guys so DO NOT EVER CHANGE!).

The holiday blues Iam refering to are not realy happening to me but to my friend NM who has been with me for the best part of the day getting ever more stressed and low in mood about the NEXT holiday we are planning! Amazing I know. She has just come back from a working holiday in Bosnia aswell.

Problem might be solved now tho. We might be going to Dublin instead of Egypt. I know it looks like a down grade but realy it will be fantastic as it looks like MD might come once me and NM are done with her. We might also have with us the ever resourceful Bangles as well as AD AND HD (my other two younger sisters).
Iam expecting dua's people. Looks like Iam late for Asr so better go and pray.
Peace people.