Monday, July 17, 2006

Exploring Ireland...

We got the 1310 train out of Dublin and arrived at Killarney station at 1715! That was saturday. That was six or so times the flight time from Manchester to Dublin. I hate trains - especially the ones that carry stinking people who have had far too much to drink and stink of smoke as well!

We had to prise my Aunty from HD as she was crying like she would never see her child again. I kept reasuring my Auty that I would return HD in less than a week. Also informed her that my mum had trusted me with AD and she should be no different. I got a list of instructions an arms lengh about what she could eat/do and after making a lot of promises she finaly relented and we were of!
We got to Killareny and as per usual got lost getting from thr train station to the bus station - they are next to each other by the way!!?

The shuttle bus picked us up and we got ourselves settled in our room. This is a wonderful place. It sits in a lot of acres of green - it is also next to a national park. It is such a relaxing place. A real place to contenplate life and all it's meanings. We realised soon after arriving that we had not brought anyfood with us. We soon got directions to the nearest shop and headed out. It was meant to be a 20 minutes walk for thee average person but for me it tookm closer to 50 minures. When we finaly made it, we shopped and I got us a TAXI back to save my sisters calling a an ambulance!

The girls didn't like the idea of waliking to places so they decided they wanted bikes. Thats a stiory for tommorow. Got to go and explore Killarney now.
Till then Wasalam people

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Exploring Dublin

Turns out Dublin is not ALL about the khamra (alcohol!). It has been so cool to explore this wonderful city with the assisstance of HD and AD (the two little ones) they see everything with fresh eyes and they make me excited to be here.

So far we have taken a tour of the city in boat/car thing - it basicaly took us around the city and then around the river. It just dived into the water and its wheels vanished! We have visited their central mosque - it was a beauty. It looked like one of the mosques of Egypt or even Turkey. It is purpose built and looks amazing. People came for Juma prayers and stayed and chatted in the cafeteria. It's a proper Islamic Centre.

Our Aunty was envited to a dinner prior to our comming so she took us too. Its like our circles. They ate and chatted and had a couple reminders. They are how I see us in the next 10years. There is hope for us after all - once we have babies we might not vanish off the face of the earth. These women each had like two/three kids and the were loud but the circle continued regardless! I can't wait till I am home and I can upload the pictures.

Since that we have been asleep and reading the Quran. HD is wicked at the reading the Quran. The girl puts me to shame. Its never too late to restart the memorisation of the Holy Book.

We are now on our way to the wonderful (we hope) south of Ireland. We are leaving the city of Dublin behind and heading to better and bigger things!

Till next time people. SalamuAllah

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Well that was not very long was it?

I flew out yesterday at 1330 and got to Ireland at 1430. Wicked! The shortest and best flight ever. I don't have much to report so far as all we did yesterday was get to my aunty's place and just chatch up. Boy was there lots to chatch up on! We are on our way out now and ready to explore Dublin.

Wasalam people - till tonight inshaAllah.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Islam Expo and The Case of 1001 Salams cont...

This is me looking very pleased at seeing the Prophets name in the British flag! I loved this and I know its pathetic but I just ADORED it.

This was a sight to behold for me. The picture looks exotic but its in the heart of London. It's basically an art expo and the people (including myself - I was very much supprised) were eager to look and just be amazed by the talent around.

Amazing how some people are talented and otherts are not. I mean I believe that everyone has a special thing about them but its easier to spot it in some than others. I have no talent WHAT SO EVER. IN ANYTHING. I am well aware of this and have delt with it a long time ago (by ignoring it!)

This shouls be the begining of the piece but I just couldnt work the computer. This is me and my friend (not seen for a very long time). There was lots of screaming and hugging (much to my shame - I only thought of this later) and it was lovely. This was the begining of the 1001 Salams bit.

It is now past midnight and I am in need of sleep (as is the one sitting behind me givving me the evil eye). Flying out tommorow and will be gone for a mere two weeks inshaAllah.

Salam and take care

The IslamExpo and The Case of 1001 Salams...

It all started well enough. We would set out to see the expo and enjoy ourselves and return home the same day. I did say Insha Allah despite popular believes held by others (I mean you WA)! I will let the pictures tell the story...

This is the Banker, White African and myself at the first service station. At this time we had been travelling for maybe 2-3hours. We had set of from home at about 5.30am and made it to the mosque (our meeting point) at just before 6am. But this trip been muslim oganised and attended by muslims we ofcourse didn't actualy leave it after 7am! Turns out one of the families had over slept and didn't actualy get up till 6am - when the rest of us were twiddling our thumbs!

This little one was the entertainment on the coach for me! I had not slept well at all the last week or so due to the heat and working. When we actualy starting moving and were heading out of Manchester I decided to lay my weary head down and see if I could maybe get some sleep. I set myself up real nice in the back seat of the coach and was just listeing to the conversations going on around me and was JUST starting to nod of when ... SHE appeared and started to entertain me! She was lovely actualy and even sang one song for me. This girl was wicked and even left when I told her I realy needed sleep.

This was our first look at the Alexandra Palace. It looked amazing but to be honest what had my attention at this moment was the fact that I couldn't BREATH!! It was realy hard for me to climb this hill. It may look small and other people might not have had any great difficulty buit it was torture for me. I was panting and trying to catch my breath before we were even half way up this thing!! The White African pointed out to us the the place looked like Turkey...look closer and you might see the colums at the back do look similar to those found in Turkiya.

This was very funny moment. It took me a while to realise what was wrong with this situation. Basicaly we had to go through security before entering the actual building. Man this place had lots of security but guess what? They had no female security people therefore they COULDN'T search the women at all. At best they looked inside the woems bags!! I later found out some interting facts about the security lot but thats another picture.

Just prior to this picture we had a bit of a problem with getting our tickets...we were basicaly lost anbd kept following each other like children. It was great fun and Alhamdullilah we got the tickets in the end and for free. We had previously been told the expo would cost £20. I put the money i saved to good use but that for later.

This is the first instalment of what promises to be a day (and night and day) never to be forgotten...

Till next time Wasalam people

Friday, July 07, 2006

I'll let the bear say it all for me...
Don't hate me for been busy (and mostly lazy!). I promise to up date real soon Insha Allah.

Good to know I am missed