Sunday, June 11, 2006

Miserable in the Summer

I have pretty much been sat at home wondering how I came to be in this sad state.

What is this state I hear you ask – well I have been ill what with hay fever (I have scratched my eye to the point of taking skin of it and my nose is producing more water than the Niagara falls!) and stomach bugs and I don’t feel well… I want my mummy…

I am really tired – not because of lack of sleep, I have been sleeping 12-16 hours a day for the last few days – because I have not been active. The last active thing I did was last Wednesday and it’s now Sunday. By active I mean leaving the house to venture into the outside world even for such small things as milk and bread. Me been me I have been getting my little MINIONS, sorry ehm… I mean siblings to get these things done.

I was suppose to be in London seeing one of my friends and attending a scouts meeting with Nemo but as per usual things did not work out the way it was planned. I am here stuck and Nemo is in Sheffield doing God only knows what. Lady T I hope forgives me.

I have a headache now and will probably write again soon but I just wanted to share my misery so there…

Ps I had 1 visitor last night who really did cheer me up even if I was absorbed in the film that was on – sorry honey but I do tend to get like that.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The sun will come out...

The sun has finaly peaked at the horizon! Litttle AD is coming home tomorrow insha Allah. She will hopefuly have lots of presents for me and hugs. I have so missed the little annoying one...

The fantastic thing that is happening today tho is the Lady from the Shire gets hitched in a few hours. I can't believe that I am sat here writting this and waiting. This will insha Allah be a great and blessed day for them. May Allah bless them in their union and may He guide them on the right path always. Ameen

For those of you who have been wondering what has happened to me lately let me summarise in pictures -

I have been cleaning and WORKING!

And getting lots of hugs as my reward!

I have also been babysitting A LOT!

This is my my two cousins. One of them has been accused (falsely my I add) by WA, Nemo and MD of being a little shaytan…. Not true – she can be a proper little angel (when you have her all to yourself!)

Right its taking far FAR too long to load these images so will sleep and restart tomorrow Insha Allah. Make dua people - The Lady from the Shire gets wed today...