Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Well AD has grown up during these sets of nights!

I have actually catherterised male and female patients WITHOUT supervision on the same night and now I have a student! Yay for me!
She is quite cool though and actually KNOWS what she is doing. This aught to be interesting.

Its 5 am and I got to get back to work. Just to let you know I feel like I am been abandoned as MD and Bangles are both going to Egypt in July. And little AD is going to Umrah TOMORROW!


Friday, May 19, 2006

Well its Episode 2 of the drama that from now on shall be called ‘Don’t Leave Me’!
This is a continuation of the episode that took place on the tranquil Sunday that has passed!

I am again sat peacefully at home. I am doing nights at moment so I had just woken up at 5pm. Made myself breakfast (it’s my time for breakfast and I tend to have my lunch at about 3am when on nights!) and had just eaten it when this almighty noise (it sounded like an explosion I kid you not) came from outside. It was followed but a lot of swearing (sometimes I think this woman suffers from turrets syndrome). It basically goes like this:

Woman: Don’t leave me Kieran!
Man (I assumed he was the said Kieran): I can’t take you f******* obsessive ways anymore.
Woman: Don’t leave me again Kieran! I will f****** slit my throat! I f****** hate you. I will f*** you up you b******!
Man: Why do you do this to me you f****** w****!

It basically goes on like this for the next 15minutes or so till he decides to take things into his own hands and physically removes her from the flat and then locks her outside! She is stood outside shrieking like a banshee and I swear to God her favourite phrase is ‘Don’t leave me Kieran’! That’s all you could hear for most of the evening.
Really though if she thought about it she would come to the conclusion, as I did, that he can’t really leave as he is the one inside the flat and she is the one outside of it!

It’s nearly time for me to go to work and I am sat here praying that she will not be outside when I leave – I am afraid I might either burst out laughing or offer unsolicited advice!
Wish me luck people. I will keep you up dated on my eloquent neighbour and her attempt to both get rid of her husband and at the same time keep him!
Some people just can’t decide what they want!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I am staring my nights now people.

For those of you that know me know what this means i.e. no socializing. Work and sleep (if I am lucky). For those that don’t know me this means I will disappear for the next two weeks so don’t take it personally.

I had a fantastic day with the Eye Doc and the Mum to be in heavenly Lancaster. We got up at 8 ish following our sleep over at my flat and barely made it for the train (we missed the one we were meant to be on but managed to get to the 9.58) me and the Eye Doc sat quietly in carriage trying to get our breath back (well ok it was just me trying to not pass out cause we had WALKED slightly fast!). We had barely got our breath back when a couple in the carriage started having a domestic - this was my queue to start reading and be rude to the Eye Doc (I did this without realizing and am sure the Doc would forgive me) and so it was for the duration of the journey.
We walked to the Mum to be flat and we got there and she looked radiant (no word of a lie) and so energetic. She was keen to go walking and that’s what we did (with a bit of shopping chucked in). We ended up in a little tranquil café and had the most filling jacket potato’s you could ever imagine (mine came with Moroccan cous cous).

The highlight of the day - we went to the midwife appointment with the Mummy to be. We got to hear the baby’s heart beat. It was fantastic - a bit like a horse galloping slowly. It was a memory I would like to share with this baby - I will definitely be a wicked aunt you know! I would spoil this kid rotten (not too badly though, Mum to be so don’t be alarmed ok?).

Anyways we left the Mummy in her home town of Lancaster and the Doc and I started on our journey back home. We got delayed and yet again had to listen to another domestic this time involving a man on a mobile! I finally got home at 6:30pm. Managed to iron my uniform and have a shower and before you know it my two weeks of nights had started! I had left the Doc in town – she was heading to the Tuesday circle (the lucky so and so).

So here I am at 4am writing this and thinking ‘I am not going to have a life for the next two weeks’!
Make duas for me people. I need them and please remember to keep me entertained with emails and text messages.

Peace till next time people.

Monday, May 15, 2006

I went to a Baby Shower last night.

I know it’s not exactly the most common thing with the Muslim community. But it was such a fantastic idea and the shower was enjoyed immeasurably by all the guests as well as the lovely hostess the Canadian Queen.

It all started with us (the guests) receiving a nappy! This was last week and we were informed to open this nappy – now been the suspicious person that I am I was very reluctant to do so! I only opened mine when I saw someone else open their own one and exclaim in delight ‘oh, what a great idea!’

For the rest of the week I spent been excited and just been like a kid. At this time I had two long days and two short days at work to look forward to. I was also excited on behalf of the mother to be as it was a surprise baby shower and she would just be turning up with no clue that her sisters and friends had done this for her.
I love the idea of surprise parties. They are incredible.

Let’s skip to the actual party day (yesterday - a rainy Sunday when most people were tucked up in bed wondering what happened to the glorious summer promised to them by the weather channel!). I was working an early shift at the hospital and was due to finish work at 3pm. I talked of the party so much so that my nurse in charge let me go at 2pm, wickedly nice or what? I had brought my clothes with me in the morning and was out of there like a flash man. No flies on me that time!
I got to change at my friend Nemo’s place (after a slight altercation about the place we should get changed at). And we got picked up by our friend the Mount. We got there and the place was looking extraordinary. The Canadian Queen had outdone herself. We stood around complementing her for a few minutes (might have been hours) and then just got chatting.
To cut a long, ever so long story short the mother to be arrived and was sufficiently surprised as her sisters had done a fantastic job of hiding the plans from her.
The best bit of the party was when the mother to be danced and the baby actually moved. I think I sat with her for most of the party talking with her and feeling her belly (not been dodgy but actually just feeling this new human being perform somersaults in my friend’s tummy!
I think we should all celebrate our friendships with parties. We all had fun and we even had a reminder (which was done beautifully by the Soon to be Married one) which nearly had us in tears.
I pray that the mother to be has an easy time with the birth and that she cherishes her baby as it should be cherished.
This baby is going to be so spoilt with so many aunts (who are available for babysitting duties as well as nappy changing duties – I nominate the White African!).
I can’t wait till the baby is with us.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

When last I wrote I spoke of doing some training in male catheterisation.

Now for the lucky ones who have no idea what this is (you are lucky believe me – I wish I had never heard of this myself!) let me explain. This is where you put a tube into a guy’s bladder via the urethra to drain the urine – it’s done for many reasons including retention, post surgery and the like! It’s only done through one way however!

So what do people do once they have trained? That’s right - go to the top of the class! They practice. Yay for me!

So this happens basically when I least expected it. I had to perform my ‘new skill’. This came as a bit of a shock because the ward was in the middle of a full cardiac and respiratory arrest at the time and to be honest there were about 10 docs and about twice as many nurses so really there was no need for me. At about 11 am the guy in-charge comes up to me and informs me that there is a male patient (who is not even my patient) who needs catheterising and I was the only one available. This is how the conversation went:

Me: I don’t know how to catheterise. I am needed for this arrest.
Senior Nurse: We have enough people AD. The man is in pain. Get on with it.
Me: I really think I can help in this arrest!
Senior Nurse: We have enough people AD. Get on with it– why did you do the training if you didn’t want to do the procedure.
Me: I am sorry but I don’t think I would be comfortable doing the procedure!
Senior Nurse: Who cares! It’s for the patient comfort not YOURS! Get to it NOW!!!
Me: Ok! Yes Sir!!

Me – looking miserable – walk off and start to collect my equipment ever sooooooo ssssssssssllllllllooooooooooowwwwwwlllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy! I finally get to the man and all the way there I am saying to myself ‘it’s ok. It’s ok. It’s ok’ over and over basically.

Anyways I get to the guy and he is in agony - I mean he is sat there trying to make it look like it doesn’t hurt at all but you can just tell! He can hardly move and he looks so sad! Here I am making all this fuss and been a selfish so and so when he looks so pitiful.
I have just spent the last half hour writing this and all to just let you know what I learned.

Hold on while I collect myself!

It’s this: We are always so concerned with ourselves that we don’t look hard enough to see the need of others. We are so blinded that it takes an explosion (or in my case the very well concealed tears of an 80 year old man) to wake us up and make us take action.

My plan is simple: stop been so easily embarrassed and think of the greater good. After all the first hadith is ‘everything is but by intention’ so I am going to try and live by that and stop worrying so much

Peace people till next time.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

You know when you lose control of a situation and you have no idea how it happened?

My day kinder felt like that. I started out with the intention of just going to a study day (morning actually since it only lasts 3 hours. I really did not want to go but it was one of those things you have to do to improve yourself you know) and then heading home and spending my time with my mum who certainly deserves some help from her eldest.

Plan: study day and see mum.

So that was the plan and the intension was there too … but something/one happened along the way.

It all started last night when my little sister calls me at my flat and says ‘you are picking up from school tomorrow, right?’ I am baffled as to why my 14 year old sister needs picking up from school by me! She enlightens me and explains that I said I would take her out on Monday and Tuesday of this week! Now I don’t remember making this promise but since she is such an honest kid I believe her and change my plans.

Plan: study day, pick up sister from school, go out AND THEN SEE MUM!

During the study day (by the way it was on male catheterisation and I couldn’t stop giggling – it was like I was at school again!) I get a call from my Dad. He wants me to meet him and sort some finances out for a charity I am involved in. I tell Dad I am free from 1pm and could meet him then. This I fine with Dad and I get to carry on with my course.
At 11am I get a text from my friend Bangles and it goes like this: ‘meet me at falfal 4 1ish please’. Now how was I supposed to take that? I panic like I always do and think what could possibly have happened between yesterday (which is when I last saw Bangles) and today? I think to myself it must be urgent. I call my Dad and I tell him to put our meeting back and he agrees.

Plan: study day, meet Bangles, meet Dad, pick up little sister, go out AND THEN SEE MUM!

I finish my study day (with awful looks from the lecturer and I am still giggling) and decide to walk to Bangles place off work and once I get there I see that Nemo is already there. She is meant to be at work - turns out that she had the day off and she also got the same text from Bangles.

We had lunch and it was great. Its 2:15pm and I am not meeting Dad till half past anyway so we head back to Bangles work place and get Dhur done (dropping four for Allah as some might say). This is when it gets interesting – Nemo decides to get some work done seeing as the internet was available! I start to panic and to hide that I read my novel. I wait for Dad to ring. I panic some more when he does call and tells me he is waiting for me at the bank! Nemo decides to come with me as she wants to go out with us later on.
Turns out that the bank business gets delayed and we are stuck in the bank till 4pm!
When we finally do finish, Nemo turns around and says ‘we are so close to the hospital, why don’t we see my friend who just had a baby’! What could be said to that? I call home and get my sister to meet us in town at 5pm instead of us picking her up at school!

Plan: study day, meet Bangles, meet Dad, see Nemo’s friend, meet sister, go out NAD THEN SEE MUM!

Baby was beautiful and we met MD and my other little sister in town. Had a blast and caught a really cool film (not really my normal film but it surprised me and I enjoyed it) and headed home to finally see Mum! Yay I am thinking till I actually get home and find out that Mum is not home. Let me state that again MUM WAS NOT HOME! Not only that but was Nemo counting on me taking her home using mum’s car ad she was basically stuck. I suggested a taxi home. Nemo had no money and we had to get to a cash point (this happened after a lot of guilt tripping from Nemo’s side. Why do I fall for that?). We got the cash and called a taxi to take Nemo home from my flat.
Why does this always happen to me? Why is it that I can never say no to people’s request?
You see my plan was set from the night from before yet I changed it so many times when others asked me to! Why? I love my friends but I think that no one really realises the demands that are made on my time. It sounds like I am feeling sorry for myself but not really because I am just finding out that I tend to hate changing my plans. I always knew this but I thought I was getting over it and could accommodate changes without too much trouble. Turns out that I can’t. I think that I need to realise and keep reminding myself that whatever our plans are – Allah is the best of planners and whatever happens to us was meant to happen. Makes me realise that maybe I should make the best plan I can and let God as they say.

I will see how this goes. I need to apply this to my university application and make my best effort and let everything else happen how it was meant to happen.
It scares me how no matter what I do time just flies by with no care for the fact that I have not made the best of it. I pray to Allah that I make the best of the time He has given me and I earn my Jannah that way.

Ps Plan is to see Mum tomorrow Insha Allah…

Sunday, May 07, 2006

So here I am on a nice Sunday afternoon.
In my sitting room. Doing nothing in particular – you know how it goes – you do a bit of cleaning, maybe watch a DVD or even go back to bed!

Ok keep that picture of tranquillity in mind while I tell you what happened to destroy this for me.

So I am relaxing and doing nothing - contemplating my application form for university and my inability to complete it – when out of nowhere I hear an ear piercing scream ‘get the f*** away from me’.
Well I nearly fell out of the sofa with fright I tell you. I jump up and look outside my window. No-one there so I look out of the rest of the windows and I find a woman wearing what appears to be her underwear standing outside my flat screaming at (I presume) her husband! Oh! I think to my self ‘ a domestic’ so I observe and I go back to the sitting room and retrieve the phone just in case I need to call for help if they get out of hand.

I am still standing there 40 minutes later watching them scream at each others. Every few minutes one of them walks away and then they get sucked back into the never ending argument of who is worse and who is selfish, etc. basically it goes something like this:

Woman: get the f*** away from me
Man: I am nowhere near you stupid c***
Woman: why do you ALWAYS do this to me!
Man: I am doing nothing, you b*****
Woman: I hate you! You are a useless piece of c***. People who love each other don’t do the s*** we do. I hate YOU!

Get the idea? Yeah. Basically went on like that for about 40 minutes with the foulest language I have ever heard and I am no sheltered rose!

About 10 minutes into the argument I put my phone back into its charger knowing these two geniuses will not really be needing the police as they would probably wear themselves out eventually. It was at this point that I started to feel sorry for myself and my ruined quite day at home.
You see I get very few precious days to relax – all by myself. I work like the devil is on my tail and I normally am too tired to enjoy my day off from work or I am doing something for the family or my friends. This was the first day in about 6 weeks that I had to myself with no plans to do anything other than relax and tidy my little flat!

These idiots have no consideration for others at all! I pray to God I don’t have to wait for another 6 weeks for my next quite day. Ameen
Well peace be on to you people!

Not blogged for a little while. This does not mean that there was nothing to blogg about. On the contrary my friends! So much has happened to me in the last few days that I just feel the need to share and therefore unburden myself. I fear that my blogg page is going to be full of I HATE THE WORLD publications. Then I realised that’s is why I started to do this anyway – to get things of my chest that I couldn’t necessarily tell people or that I didn’t WANT to tell people.

So onto the actual events that have happened to me. The episode that is really fresh in my mind is the Bank holiday Monday when I telephoned my family (I always call home when I am working as you never know what could have happened since leaving that morning) at 10 am and speak to my little AD who tells me ‘everything is fine and I am looking after the Little Man as Hoyo is not feeling well’. I tell her basically to give my salaam to my mum and give her a kiss for me and I leave it at that.

I ring again at 3pm and instead of ‘wasalam’ to my ‘salam’ my brother says to me ‘sorry but the ambulance is taking mum to the hospital, can I ring you back?’ I had to replace the telephone and ring back to double check that I had heard my brother rightly.
Course it was true and my mum is delivered to A+E. I was already working a long day on the second floor in the same hospital and suffice to say I hardly spent two minutes in my ward for the rest of my shift. The staff in A+E hated me at the end of the night.

My mum was diagnosed with a clot of the lungs – but not really! Cause the medical profession are very inept in diagnosing people and will always treat such things as clots even if they are not really there! Basically to cut a long story short – three days later and a few (very expensive) tests my mum was informed that the clot never existed or that the treatment worked! Wow! Amazingly clear is it not?

So basically I had a very hectic three days without any rest and restitution! I still look like a zombie and it’s nearly a week later.

My mum is fine now and back to looking after the whole troops at home.

Peace people till I get my next episode up.